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The social re-entry Program is to provide ex-offenders the tools necessary to ensure a successful re-entry into the community; to reduce recidivism, by providing them a Second Chance.  We will accomplish this by identifying the risks and the needs of exoffenders, and addressing them through a comprehensive release plan. This program will be designed to start while inmates are incarcerated and continue upon release. The programs target population will be for Men and Women Ages 18-35, however all others will be considered on a case by case basis. We will promote opportunities for permanent and stable housing; improve oportunities for pre-release treatment and mental health assessment, post-release access to services; and improve rate of employment. We strive to achieve this through effective networking with community resources, entities within Department of Corrections and family involvement. We will ensure each candidate for our services benefit from the Job placement and Education Services offered to support re-entry efforts. We will design steps to monitor the progress from program entry to program conclusion for inmates (Performance measures). Provide support help for families who have to deal with inmates who will be returning home. Our spiritual programs will be initiated while the person is incarcerated and continue upon release.

For more info please contact:

Diane Brothers                                        Angel Kelly (Valdosta, GA)         
252-339-7024                                               229-469-4946

James Glover                                            Gloria Mason (Winfall, NC)             

252-374-3091                                                 252-404-0020