***Yes, you can and we can help***
To impact lives, families and communities, with faith, hope, and love in action. Most importantly, Safe House conducts outreach and community education regarding the needs of those it reaches. The Fisher Empowerment Center Safe house will provide the environment victims need for reflection, healing, and empowerment. Women in particular will be afforded the opportunity to begin life anew. The Safe house will have as its core value of expression the Love of God. As physical, emotional recovery will be offered, salvation will be the cornerstone of a victim?s recovery process. God and godly principles will be the center of all the house does. The following services will be provided:

- shelter, food, and clothing for a limited time based upon the need
- counseling for addictions and abuse (e.g., sexual, physical, and mental, etc...)
- education assistance as needed, (GED, vocational, and college programs).
- job placement assistance
- Transportation

The tenants of the Safe house will participate in the upkeep of the property as part of our

For more info please contact:

Tonja Fisher                                            Angel Kelly (Valdosta, GA)             

757-539-7504                                               229-469-4946


Gloria Mason (Winfall, NC)