***Yes, you can and we can help***

Mayor Fred Yates partners with the Fisher Empowerment Center, Inc., founded by Dr. Lewis Fisher, Jr., to bring computer technology to rural youth.  Mayor Yates believes that all children can succeed when given the opportunity.  Mayor Yates endorses the Fisher Empowerment Center as the vehicle of choice to close the gap of a long standing digital divide, an informational divide that compromises the ability of the underserved to obtain access to educational tools and resources sorely needed for advancement. This partnership will serve as a catalyst for growth in the areas of workforce development, self-empowerment, as well as economic growth, and will empower the citizens to achieve an enhanced individual quality of life and economic worth.


As part of this effort, Mayor Yates has coordinated with Dr. Fisher, local mentoring groups and fellowship of churches, to sponsor an educational trip for 20 of the area’s youth on July 22, 2011, to Cisco Systems Inc (CISCO), located in the Research Triangle Park area in Raleigh North Carolina.  Mr. Rene Daughtry is an Advanced Services Project Manager at CISCO and Founder/CEO of Aisymmetry, LLC. Mr. Daughtry will be making a presentation to the youth entitled “Did You Know…Technology is Cool?” This presentation highlights and puts emphasis on the need for math and science, which are keys to critical thinking, as well as an introduction to the latest technology and how it all ties in to today’s job market.  The youth will also be given a tour of CISCO’s labs which will allow them to see first-hand cutting edge technology, and given the opportunity to interact with College students completing their internship at CISCO.


Mayor Yates is committed to making sure the youth of the Town of Winfall and of Perquimans County have the opportunity to succeed.