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Dr. Lewis Fisher Jr.
Founder and President

He currently serves as the Senior Pastor of
Blanchard's Grove Missionary Baptist Church located in Hobbsville, NC. He is a retired officer from the United States Coast Guard with over 26 years of active duty service. He is the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Guardian Federal Credit Union which serves North Carolina and the Virginia area. He is an entrepreneur with a focus in business and marketing.

Tonja Fisher

She serves as the Co-Pastor of Blanchard's
Grove Missionary Baptist Church. She oversees the women's outreach ministry. She serves as a frequent guest speaker to abused women. She has a desire to empower abuse victims and serve the underprivileged. Tonja has an extensive background in civil engineering with a focus on estimates.

Barbara Walton

Executive Secretary


Barbara has an extensive background in customer service and support.